We welcome you to Holy Cross Catholic School and to our new Web site. You'll find our beautiful campus in the Northern New Mexico community of Santa Cruz, just 25 miles North of Santa Fe. Here at HCCS, we provide an outstanding Catholic education to students from pre-kindergarten through sixth grade.

We're known for our high academic standards, supportive community, and commitment to the success of every student. We strive for academic excellence, intellectual growth, and spiritual enrichment.

We appreciate your interest in Holy Cross Catholic School. Thank you for visiting our school Web site. It is truly a community resource, full of important information, events, guides, and great opportunities to support our children.

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A Message from OUR PASTOR

Dear families and parishioners of Holy Cross Parish and School.

The call and mission of Saint Joseph Manyanet was to protect and renew the family ties in order to build a healthier and more compassionate society. Thus, he founded the Sons of the Holy Family (1864) and the daughters of the Holy Family (1874), pursuing the same goal: to support the Christian marriage and family life through the priestly and teaching ministries, primarily advocating for the Christian education and training of children and youth. Saint Joseph Manyanet gave himself to spread the Gospel of the Holy Family, moved by God’s love towards the humble and the lowly, honoring the same persons that had brought meaning and purpose to his life: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

We have to move forward at Holy Cross School and share in the examples of the Holy Family of Nazareth to witness in this new time and age the values that always have nourished and sustained our families. We are fully aware that the Christian education of our children’s minds and hearts is paramount. There still remains the task at hand to train them increasingly in the daily practice of the Christian virtues, inspiring them with a true and firm love for God and His Church.

Your continued support and prayers for the transitions to come at Holy Cross School are needed. Pray with us that the Lord will guide us along the process of planning and programming that is taking place during these days. Families have shared with me ideas, comments, concerns, and excitement about the present and near future of our school. Be always sure that your input is appreciated, for we work together in building the school that our children and youth deserve.

The hope as priests, teachers, parents, and students, is to work united toward the goal of promoting the best education for our children, helping and guiding them to become the adult persons they are called to be. Deeply committed in this task, once again we look for the protection of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and to them we entrust the growth and success of Holy Cross School.

Sincerely yours in Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

Fr. Javier Gutierrez, S.F.